Instilled with the
northern attitude

The future is always
full of uncertainties

That is why it belongs
to the pioneers of today

For all of us,
who see possibilities
beyond the unknown

For all of us,
who are not afraid
to go the extra mile

Finnish heritage

We are a group of companies operating in several industries whose mission is to take society and the economy towards a better future. Though we operate internationally, our roots are dug deep in the Finnish soil.

The future is always full of uncertainties, but we see one full of possibilities: new and more effective ways of working, developing society and doing business.

By creating tailored and innovative solutions to impending challenges, we help our clients face the future with their full potential.

Together, the independent members of our community form a close-knit family united by the same set of values.

1999 in Finland
396,6 MEUR (2017)
Markus Oksa

Facts and figures

Our community was originally established in Finland in 1999. Today, we operate in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Spain and Slovakia.

  • Established in 1999
  • Origins in Finland
  • Operations in 9 countries
  • 75% management ownership
  • Turnover 396,6 MEUR in 2017
  • We employ 7500 people worldwide


Barona Group is an attitude, a way of doing things. Bravery, persistence and hard work are all typical elements of the Northern mindset – a mindset shared by all of our community members. Driven by our set of values, we fearlessly seek out and face challenges, solve them efficiently and create growth around us.

RESPONSIBILITY. We create enduring solutions that stand the test of time. We hold ourselves responsible to society, our customers and our employees.

CREATIVITY. We unite communities and individuals and create unique circumstances where we are able to innovate and learn new things together. We approach problem solving in an original and unprecedented way, because the traditional methods can only take us so far.

BRAVERY. We take on even the most difficult of challenges. We persist and see things through, even though it does not always make us popular in everyone’s eyes.



CEO, Markus Oksa
The CEO of the Bravedo community is one of the two original founders. In 1999, Markus Oksa decided to put all his efforts into solving the gap between employers and employees that he had become aware of during a summer, when he was working at a construction site. We are still committed to solving this – and several other – issues, looking decidedly into the future.

Board of Directors
Itävuori Jussi (Chairman)
Hietaniemi Pekka
Siivonen Risto
Oksa Markus


We are an active capital investor. Our community offers an ideal environment for developing new business. We offer our community’s support, resources and know-how to the use of the startups nurtured by our group of companies.

FORENOM. Established in 2000, Forenom is a brave pioneer within the accommodation industry.It governs over 3 500 furnished apartments as well as several aparthotels and hostels across the Nordics. Forenom is the market leader within its industry within the Nordics, accommodating over 50 000 individuals every year. The company employs approximately 260 persons, and is expecting an estimated turnover of 60 MEUR for 2016. In addition to its prominent presence in Finland, Forenom operates in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. The platform-based accommodation solution Friday Flats is a part of Forenom.

FINITEC is Finland’s largest IT Contract Recruitment Agency, specialized in connecting the very best IT professionals and companies. We represent tip of the spear IT talent and help transform their expertise and knowledge into real business results and value for our Clients. Whether you need top professionals to join your team on a permanent basis or to help on a shorter term contract basis, we deliver. Website:

WUNDERDOG is an agile software development company developing demanding and highly scalable applications for demanding customers. We support our customers to enlighten their digital vision and take care of the production using modern and agile methodologies & tools. Wunderdog was established in Finland in 2014. Website:


We actively seek new ways to improve working life. One way to do this is to apply a service design approach to traditional processes, like recruitment, and implementing new technologies to create new ways for doing old things. Our team of technology and service design specialists is dedicated to develop solutions that reform the way we work and how we bring employment opportunities and individuals together.

In the future, we will see the recruitment process undergo a complete transformation, new and atypical ways of employment, a shift in the skillset in many industries and smarter and diverse ways of utilizing crowdsourcing.

Our team has created a wide range of practical and streamlined solutions, which are available to our customers as a part of our recruitment services. In addition, we offer several commercial solutions that are available independently.

TÙLKA. A video-based, mobile interpretation tool.
JELPP. A next-generation recruitment tool powered by a matching algorithm.
REC.RIGHT. A video interpretation tool, which includes a light applicant tracking feature on demand.

Our team consists of 30 passionate professionals.

2015 in Finland
Iikka Lindroos

Precilia Tekasala | Executive Assistant | +358 45 695 5647
Markus Oksa | Chief Executive Officer
Markus Peltokorpi | Deputy CEO
Pasi Vilhunen | Finance
Jari Pitkälä | Advisor
Anna Jalonen | Community
Lauri Huhtanen | Legal
Iikka Lindroos | Technology companies
Petra Leinonen | Procurement
Lassi Määttä | Director


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